Celia Avigdor

About Celia

Born in Zimbabwe into a political family plagued by uncertainty, when Mugabe came to power I drove with my family to Durban, South Africa. We  took a grandmother, four suitcases, and the ancestral candlesticks. I studied medicine at the University of Cape Town and immigrated to London in 1993 when I spent many hours inserting cannulas into premature babies - enough to put me off clinical practice. Twenty five years later, I found Art.

My Work

It's all about colour.

What meaning does each tone, with its different hues, impart? 

What feelings does each evoke?

What happens when they're juxtaposed?

I am currently exploring what differences designate the face of a particular ethnicity - excluding skin tone - while trying to pinpoint the 'colours' of the soul that shines out from beneath a surface. I do this by interpreting black and white photographs into colour and hope that you relate to some of the unique, striking and intriguing people I've chosen to paint.

I'm fascinated too, by just how much a body can express through both its form and stance. Again, I am trying to say something about what the body 'holds' by depicting recognisable sculptures in paint and colour.

And sometimes it's just the feeling of a moment, a view, or a sound that needs to be processed, expressed and captured in colour.

While the work aims to be both thought provoking and to capture the emotions that inspire it, the paintings are also intended to be decorative, so you can enjoy them in your home, office or place of work.

My work is in collections in the UK, Portugal and South Africa.

I am happy to take commissions. I can work to colours and themes based on your own photos too.​



  • Lauderdale House (November 2019)

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