Printmakers Gallery

This is the EFOA printmakers group gallery. The group which consists of printmakers that also experiment in painting and mixed media. Throughout lockdown we are holding regular Zoom meetings in which we generally show two or three pieces of the work that we are currently working on or have recently finished. We can then discuss our methodologies and working practices in an encouraging and supportive environment.

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Mixed Media

This is the EFOA Mixed Media group gallery. This group consists of members that experiment with pieces containing multiple disciplines within the same 2D or 3D artwork.

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Painters' Gallery

There are around 20 painters in EFOA, many of whom also work in other media. We exhibit as a group and individually. This gallery allows us to present ourselves as painters and to invite you to investigate our work in more detail by visiting our individual pages on this site. We regularly update this gallery to include new work and upcoming exhibitions. We invite you to contact us individually and if you have any queries about a picture or more generally about what we do, we shall be pleased to try to answer you.

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Jewellery Gallery

In EFOA we have an interesting and diverse group of jewellers, working in precious metals, gem stones, beads, ceramics and glass. For some making jewellery is the main focus, while for others it forms part of a wider practice. We all work in a variety of media and processes. But even though we are all very different, it is the hand of the artist and maker that results in the uniqueness of each piece of work and which creates something special, unique and unforgettable for the owner.

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Ceramics and Glass Gallery

EFOA has over twenty members who work with glass and clay, either as their main medium or as something incorporated into their other work. The range of work produced is rich and diverse, demonstrating the wonderful flexibility that the media offer.

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Photography Gallery

At least £2000 on Bond Street? This gallery is inspired by the bi-weekly musings of our photography group - over the past six months we’ve been meeting regularly on Zoom and submitting images for various themes and projects.

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