Artists exhibiting at: 71 Hertford Road, East Finchley, N2 9BX

Water Refill
Dogs welcome

Monica Peiser


Monica has been making and teaching jewellery for ever. Her pieces evolve in the making,often based around a semi-precious stone or found object. She has developed various surface textures giving an archaeological look to the silver. Leaves have influenced her latest collection,some true,some fantasy.

Monica Peiser

Ian Harding


Ian works as an advertising photographer & filmmaker. He is exhibiting a selection of personal work plus some examples of his moving imagery.

Ian Harding

Tova Lenkiewicz (Guest)


Tova Lenkiewicz is a handweaver who draws inspiration from colour and patterns in architecture and the natural world. Her tapestries exhibit a fusion of colour, texture and composition which reflect her keen eye for artistic detail and mastery of the loom. Showcasing the beauty that arises from the interplay of these elements, Tova invites viewers to experience the convergence of nature and craftsmanship in her captivating works.

Tova Lenkiewicz

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House Garden

House and Garden

Tap water refill available

Water Refill


Dogs welcome

Dogs welcome


House Notes

  • Entrance through the garden at the back via the lane beside No 28 Southern Road.

Location House 12

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