Artists exhibiting at: 47 Heath View, East Finchley, N2 0QD

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Peter Hale


Peter enjoys creating both functional and sculptural ceramics using stoneware clay. Wheel thrown functional forms are finished with restrained glazing. Sculptural work is either thrown and glazed to enhance the form or constructed from rolled clay slab, unglazed. The form of all work is paramount.

Peter Hale

Kochi Okada


Kochi is a very versatile jeweller and works in wax carving, hammering, knotting, granulation, kemboo and enamelling. She creates limited editions and one-offs.

Kochi Okada

Maria Khaydich


Maria is an artist who possesses a profound love for color and nature, and this is apparent in the art pieces she creates. She employs a range of techniques and mediums, including watercolor, pastel, and tempera paint, to bring her artistic visions to life.

Maria  Khaydich

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Card Payment Accepted

Card Payment Accepted


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  • Entrance via the garage.

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