Start date | 1 July 2020

End date | 29 August 2020

Raging Seas

‘Climate deniers’ are now thankfully in decline. We know that safe limits of greenhouse gas emissions have already been exceeded, entire ecosystems have been destroyed and over a million species are threatened with extinction. The daunting concept of climate change can be hard to process emotionally; it’s easy to be overwhelmed when confronted with a plethora of scientific statistics. It causes unbearable discomfort that we naturally recoil from. We can’t always see beyond the short term. Artists can help us to envisage, experience and make ‘real’ that which is hard to come to otherwise contemplate. 

This exhibition aims to explore ideas about climate change - its causes and effects. Working in a variety of media, EFOA artists were asked to address issues of rising temperatures, pollution, natural disasters, rising sea levels and diminishing resources. 

As one exhibitor says: ‘Nature is threatened at every turn by mankind’s stupidity and yet day by day I witness its enduring power to survive. I celebrate this in what I make and share a message of hope with others.'

Time To Act