About Sam

An illustrator and artist who loves to doodle, draw, paint, design & create, Sam Starr holds an MA in Art Education, a PGCE in Art & Design, trained as a Graphic Designer at Falmouth College of Arts (years ago) & completed her Art Foundation Course at Middlesex University.

Sam has worked as an art teacher for the past twenty years (originally in schools and now from The Starry Art Room, N2). Sam is building up a portfolio of paintings and drawings inspired by memories and nostalgic places from her past. She also writes and illustrates and has designed the character Princess Luna of The Two Beds. 

Sam also runs her own local art room www.thestarryartroom@gmail.com where she runs local art classes for most ages, but specialising in smaller groups for teens & tweens.

My Work

Paintings: Sam works largely in paint, but also likes to use layers of collage and drawing, so she thinks that this makes her a little bit of mixed media! She has shown a few pieces here on the website and will produce more for the gallery soon - keep your eyes peeled!

Illustration: Sam has created characters in the past and is currently building Princess Luna of The Two Beds. using Instagram to provide a platform to post regular drawings and Sam has written some short stories to go with her. Princes Luna of The Two Beds is a picture book character aimed at younger audiences, following a mischievous but utterly adorable & silly dog

Teaching: Sam also runs her own local art room www.thestarryartroom@gmail.com where she runs local art classes for most ages, but specialising in smaller groups for teens & tweens.


  • Muswell Hill Health & Fitness Club, Fortis Green (12th Dec 2023 - 21st Jan 2024)

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