About Rosalind

I'm a collage artist with a passion for paper. I went to art school as a grown-up and studied Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School.  On graduation I set up a studio at my home in Muswell Hill and started 'painting' using fragments of paper.  I use the torn pages of magazines, tissue, wallpaper, wrapping paper... any paper! I turned my art into a business when I established Papershades, a new kind of paper lampshade and unusual canvas for my art. 

My Work

Because I love paper I am never short of material to use. No magazine is safe in my hands.  My studio is filled with boxes and boxes of different kinds of paper.  For my fine art practice I make art on canvas and create works which are, generally, narrative based.  I do enjoy seeing a 'story' in a picture.  Every week I attend a life class and make collages of the model. I rip my way through a pile of paper to create portraits and life collages in the short time we have.  I've been creating collages of collages and assembling groups of these figures in a playful and conversational way.  

About five years ago I set up a business, Papershades.  I wanted to find a new kind of canvas for my work and also I wanted to make the very boring lampshades in my house more interesting.  So I invented a new kind of paper lampshade. I make a design on one piece of A4 card and then print it onto panels which are held together with two wheel-shaped supports.  I sell them via my website and at various craft fairs and events. 


  • After graduation from City & Guilds in 2004 I had a solo exhibition at Tatlers estate agent in Muswell Hill. It was called A Broadway Show and featured portraits I'd made of the shopkeepers in Muswell Hill.
  • I had a solo show at The Chambers Gallery in Barbican in 2004
  • I've had several shows at the Sable d'or in Muswell Hill. I've arranged Open House in my home in Muswell Hill

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