Peter Kyte

About Peter

Peter has been a serious photographer since 2008, with his work covering a variety of image types, including buildings, places and spaces, trees, cyanotypes, pinhole imagery, infrared photos and community projects. More abstract photographic themes are now coming into his work, which can be seen at

My Work

Creative expression should be foremost in all of our lives. It can be expressed in many ways but for me it has found itself in urban and fine arts photography. Recording, celebrating and understanding the visual richness that surrounds me is a strong creative driver for my work.

My work focuses on a combination of documentary and creative photography, with a strong artistic expression. I seek to not only record what I see around me but also to provide a personal perceptive angle on the environmental experience. My work over time has gravitated towards a more artistic style.

I view the urban scene as a series of infinite still images, which are linked together in an ongoing narrative – a sort of ‘urban movie’. It is the photographer's skill to seek out the best still images from the ‘movie’ and translate them into successful photographs. This image choice process is what Henri Cartier-Bresson called the "decisive moment". 

Each image captured on film or digital sensor is like a ‘memory’ of a given moment in time. Thus, a photograph can evoke ‘memories’ in the viewer that are vivid, powerful and emotionally moving. I seek to achieve these aspects in my work. I like photography that makes the viewer ‘think both inside and outside the image frame’. My work seeks to give a perception of what is occurring within and beyond the image’s edges, communicating a sense of what is happening in the wider setting.

I am a Licentiate Member of both the Royal Photographic Society and the British Institute of Professional Photography and have a teacher training qualification in the Lifelong Learning sector (PTLLS). I am a Chartered Town Planner and Chartered Geographer, running my own planning consultancy for 34 years. In May 2012 I obtained a City & Guilds Diploma in Photography.

I have participated in numerous projects and exhibitions, including the East Finchley Open Houses since 2010, the E17 Arts Trail and various London shows.

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