Mike Hancock

About Mike

Rather than receiving training through formal routes, Mike was guided in an informal and organic way by a local ceramic artist. The emphasis of this process was on play, a skill of lifelong importance that is often lost as we age. The results have been the exploration of a number of techniques, each with their own benefits and character.

Through the use of these techniques, Mike continues to play and uses his experience of meditation and the personal realisations that it brings, as well as a connection with the natural world, to inform creations in clay.

My Work

In my work I use mark making, colour, form and texture to express something ethereal, giving it a solid and tangible form.

Currently the focus of my work is the creation of porcelain lighting and jewellery. Thin porcelain is used to give atmospheric lighting effects. The strength and refined quality of the material are employed, coupled with simple glazing and the use of lustres, to produce elegant pieces of jewellery.

Other Artists

Connecting Heaven and Earth

Judith Devons

Judith is a painter, printmaker and ceramicist, exhibiting widely, leading workshops for all ages and abilities, and undertaking commissions.

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Maxi Wave bowls

Laura De Benedetti

The rippling textures, gentle asymmetries and sensuous curves of my pieces bring to their owners a sense of freedom and liberty.

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Claudia Luque

Claudia loves open exploration and is always trying new techniques, glazes and firing methods. Her favourite technique is the Raku.

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Folded Arms

Gail Altschuler

Porcelain Platters, ceramics and paintings inspired by observations of people, patterns and places.

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Noriko Nagaoka Mori cup with Mori Vase

Noriko Nagaoka

Noriko Nagaoka Ceramics

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ceramic vases

Ulla Mead

Ulla makes unique, hand-built, characterful, mainly raku fired, pots

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Enlightenment Stand

Jo Pethybridge

Jo's ceramic designs are inspired by nature and her surroundings.

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black beakers

Peter Hale

Peter makes functional stoneware ceramics thrown on the wheel and hand built sculptural pieces with an emphasis on form & function

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Daphne Carnegy

Daphne Carnegy Ceramics, Unit 30 Kingsgate Workshops, London NW6 2JG

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Francesca Raphael Lincoln

Francesca is a potter, painter and ceramic sculptor. She makes original, expressive and accessible work for home and garden.

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