Lauri Santillan

About Lauri

I’m an artist with a BA in Visual Arts from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. I have worked as a private tutor and at university level, where I was Assistant Teacher in the Art History class. I also have experience in academic research, with the focus of my study being the relationship between craftsmanship and the artistic process.

Drawing has been a constant in my life since childhood, and the reason why I decided to study Art. I currently run a Drawing class in Muswell Hill offering a space of learning while exploring skills and techniques to beginners.

My approach to teaching is about sharing my love for drawing and artistic expression as something that can nourish every aspect of our lives. I truly believe in the value of individuality and personal style and I encourage students to embrace the uniqueness of their work as a useful tool to expand creativity.

My Work

In my artwork, I use various media to explore ideas about different aspects of experience, from feminism in my illustrations, to our relationship to nature and perception in my oil paintings. My technical process focuses on craftmanship as a way of thinking that differs from rational thinking. I find manual work with materials to be a rich source of both self-knowledge and discovery of the world around us.

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