Karen Topp

About Karen

My work focuses primarily on capturing fleeting moments of beauty in everyday life, giving them permanence through the medium of paint: a landscape or building observed when no-one else is around, or the demeanour of a person absorbed in mundane activity.

I am a self-taught artist and left my native South Western France in 2000 for London, where I have lived ever since.

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My Work

I am influenced by Post-Impressionist and Fauvist approaches to colour, and have a fascination for the interaction of darkness and light, be it that of the rising sun or of a modest light bulb in an entryway.

Starting from cropped images, oil pastel studies and abundant colour research, I favour acrylic paint, using a wide range of brush marks and textures. I occasionally incorporate other media such as collage or charcoal.


  • FLUID: artists experimenting with their own range and boundaries, with Victoria Caution, Jacqui Cooke and Miranda Leung. Espacio Gallery, London, November-December 2023.
  • GAIA: an exhibition of landscape-theme works, Camden Image Gallery, London, September 2023.
  • Summer Exhibition 2023: online showcase of established and emerging artists, including paintings, drawings and ceramics. Highgate Contemporary Art, London, August-September 2023.
  • What is Art (Fifth Edition): selected works from over ninety artists internationally, establishing a dialogue between contemporary approaches to art. Boomer Gallery, London, February 2023.
  • Winter Exhibition: group show with Kim Scouller, Daniel Shadbolt, Miranda Leung, Fariyal Wallez, Laura Smith and Sarah Jane Moon at the Wood Norton, Cotswolds, November 2022 to February 2023.
  • The Figure, Reframed: showcase for the Advanced Year Of The Figure and Portrait at the City Lit, London, May 2022.
  • Finding the Light: in collaboration with Luke Mitchell at the Camden Image Gallery, London, June 2021.

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