Jenny Rymer

About Jenny

My formative years were spent by the coastal countryside of North Wales which would later be a major influence on my work.

After studying Painting, Ceramics and Music at Corsham, I taught widely in various education centres, concurrently developing my own work as a potter.

I find the tactile medium of clay enables me to work intuitively using all the senses, allowing me to explore the infinite connection with Nature.

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My Work

My ceramics are based on the imagery and memory of shells, fish, birds or flowers and aim not only to suggest the form but capture the essence of the motif itself.

I choose to hand build as this slow, searching process of pinching and stroking the clay allows me to echo and evolve the movement and growth or the form I have in mind.

These works are kept relatively small so the form and surface texture may also be experienced and appreciated when hand held.

I use T material or porcelain and my stoneware glazes range from rich charcoal to delicate cool colours often enriched with metallic lustre or crushed glass.

The 13” decorative wall plates are made using a smooth buff stoneware clay with sgraffito decoration often inspired by Chinese or Islamic motifs.

In contrast, the large coiled forms are constructed from a heavily grogged stoneware clay or burnished terracotta.

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