Ian Harding

About Ian

I'm an advertising photographer & filmmaker living in East Finchley.

My personal photography is very different to my commercial work, I like to wander and experiment with my camera, to shoot things that catch my eye. It's refreshing to capture imagery for myself with no restraints or concerns as to whether the image fits a brief. I also like to shoot short film comedy, I love the buzz of working with actors and seeing a script come to life.

My Work

My most recent personal project is a feature length documentary about bodybuilding. I made it with a very close friend - it's an intimate portrait of his brother and an insight into a world that most of us know nothing about. It is now available and free to view on Amazon Prime, this is the link to watch the film: These Are The Ones That Count

Recent Video:


  • Park Life exhibition 2019
  • Open House 2019
  • Climate Change exhibition 2020

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