Hanan Baradon

About Hanan

I have been taking photographs since childhood and had my first acceptance at an international exhibition at the age of 14.

After a long hiatus to study and raise a family I returned to photography some 15 years ago and have exhibited extensively since.

My photographs represent my personal visualisation. They are my representation of the outside world filtered through my own perception.

My images skim the edge of reality and imagination. All are spontaneous and reflect my mood at the moment of creation, they belong to the ephemeral instant.

Email | hanan@baradon.uk

Website | baradon.uk

My Work

I have no discipline and no preferences. I am guided purely by my vision and emotions.

My images are my experiences, they may be transitory but are meaningful to me at that moment.

My photographs are my feelings and I try to process and present them to convey my impression to the viewer. They are intensely personal.

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