Dave Green

About Dave

I was born in London in 1985 and graduated from the Fine Art course at Sheffield Hallam in 2007. I quickly left the art scene behind to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. I started making art again during the COVID pandemic when the isolation of lockdown allowed me to rekindle my childhood interest in lucid dreaming, an intriguing phenomenon in which the dreamer becomes aware of the fact they are in a dream, thus allowing them to control its content. I am currently living in East Finchley and am working on a book about my art called 'Doodles in the Dark: An Artist's Guide to Lucid Dreaming.'

My Work

My art practice revolves around one simple idea: I create drawings in my lucid dreams, which I then recreate upon waking up. My focus is not on depicting dream scenes but creating replicas of things made in the dreamworld. Lately I have been experimenting with giving my pen to the other people in my dreams to see what they create.

My art has been featured in BBC Science Focus and Dreamtime Magazine. I have lectured about my work at Tate Modern and am the subject of a documentary by The World Science Festival called 'The Dreaming Pen'. In 2024, I am slated to present at the annual conference of The International Association for the Study of Dreams in Rolduc, Netherlands.

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