Caroline Elliott

About Caroline

I have an eclectic background in the Visual Arts training as a Textile Designer and moving into Film, TV, Opera and Theatre Industries in the UK and US as a scenic painter and Art Director.

I am a trained Art teacher and have been an Arts Project Manager for Events and Exhibitions.

Currently I am running online Art and Creativity sessions with Art and Nature retreats in the planning.

My Work

I work as a mixed media artist and take my inspiration from the quiet elements of nature, cycles of the seasons, and the abundant richness of the rural wild.

I record differing elements of landscapes such as pods and bark formation in copses, moss, lichens and burrs in the denser woods, seeds and rare flowers of a wild meadow or thicket berries of the Autumn and ancient hedgerows. My aim is to be as submerged in nature as possible and take from it some of the ancientness of the relationship between man and the land.

I forage and sketch out in the field, and use eclectic forms of printing, drawing and mark making, enjoying the discomfort between the abstract and the drawn line. I build conversations in layering image over image, drawing over drawing, lines over lines as in nature’s palimpsestic traces of previous usage and histories.


  • September 2019: Harley Street Installation
  • June 2019: Open House Exhibition
  • February 2019: Barbican Group Show
  • November 2018: Highgate Literary and Scientific group show
  • July 2018 East Finchley Open Artists show
  • May 2018 Art installation of Haydn The Seasons
  • October 2017 Group show ‘Curve’, Ply Gallery, HTH Town Hall
  • July 2017 Open House with Jodi Jones, mixed media
  • March 2017 Joined The Muswell Hill Creatives group
  • January 2017 ‘Flesh and Flour’ exhibition
  • December 2016 Open House
  • October 2016 Norman Plastow Gallery, Wimbledon: Joint show,mixed media
  • September 2016 Open House exhibition
  • May 2016 Open House exhibition

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