Stephens House

Artists @ Stephens House
17 East End Road
N3 3QE

Tel: +44(0)20 8346 7812

EFO Artists @ Stephens House was a joint venture between East Finchley Open Artists and Stephens House and Gardens, launched on 1st March 2016, that created an ongoing showcase for local artists in and around East Finchley.

Stephens House and Gardens supported EFO Artists @ Stephens House as a centre for the development of local art and craft, providing a focal point for art appreciation and the fostering of new creative talents.

Peter Hale, Chair of EFOA at the time, said "This was the first time we’ve been able to have a dedicated long-term space to show our work and to encourage interest in art – it’s testament to the energy and enthusiasm of our members for making art local"

Laura Fishman, Art Curator - Stephens House and Gardens – a painter and one of our members, commented "I’m delighted to have played a part in hosting EFO Artists and others at this special venue – it’s an historic building and by creating this partnership, the Avenue House Estate Trust are showing long-term commitment to supporting the arts locally"

During the spring and summer of 2015, Laura became the first artist-in-residence at Stephens House and Gardens. She was invited to be art curator, and created the residency programme. Laura’s Stephens House painting collection is currently on view in the Salon in Stephens House. Since then, EFOA members Peter Kyte (photographer) and David Gilbert (sculptor) were artists-in-residence at the house. Peter’s work can be seen in reception in the House and David Gilbert’s sculpture is on view in the Garden.

Throughout the summer of 2018, Stephens House hosted the installation ‘Plane Wall’ by EFOA artist David Waller and his brother, John Waller in their basement.

Currently, several members of EFOA works are on view in the Dining Room: which include Cathy Burkinshaw, Elvina John, Tony Berkman, Jackie Randal, Caitlin Smail, Paresha Amin and Ian Harding. Mike Coles’ photographic works of the house and gardens are being shown in Inky’s Stables Café and our relationship with Stephen’s House and Gardens continues through the participation of Laura Fishman as an active member of EFOA.

Please refer to the Stephens House and Gardens website for updates on public opening hours.